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Pastor in Charge:
Ps. Rosita (Rose) Leonardo-Cristobal (Lay Minister)
Mobile: 9858 0317
Licensed Minister of Assemblies of God in Singapore

Grace I Contact Persons:
Sis Cora Lagahit | Mobile: 9381 0513
Bro Nanding Obliopas | Mobile: 9386 8413
Sis Edith Corpuz | Mobile: 9049 1651

Grace II Contact Persons:
Sis Matet Reando | Mobile: 8112 6431
Bro Aldwin Retuta | Mobile: 9482 2270
Bro Richard Aquino | Mobile: 9786 9341
Bro Cholo Cruz | Mobile: 8518 9053

Service Schedules

Grace I (GI)
L1 Galilee
Sunday 11:15 AM

Grace II (GII)
L4 Chapel
Sunday 1:30 PM


We are honored to have a few moments to introduce you to Grace Filipino Ministry and the wonderful people who call this community their home. Whether you’re just browsing or are searching out for a place to worship, we’re delighted to have you here. To give you some idea of what we’re all about, please feel free to explore this website. We look forward to worshipping with you soon.


More Filipinos, More Like Jesus


F – Family of God in Singapore

I –  Inspiring Filipinos to

L – Love God wholeheartedly

I –  Instilling love and care for one another

P – Pursuing God’s standard 

I –  In every areas of life

N – Nurturing each other in faith, love and 

O – Obedience to God


  1.  Intercessory Prayer – expressing our thanksgiving and communion with God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ. 
  2. Impactful Worship Service – expressing our deep love and devotion to God through inspired songs and musical instruments.
  3. Intentional Discipleship – expressing our desire to learn and live the Word of God through caring and Bible based teaching.
  4. Incarnational Outreach – expressing our partnership with God in missional living through sharing the Gospel to the Filipino community
  5. Intimate Small Groups – expressing our love and strong fellowship through Grace groups in various places.

Grace Groups

GIA Community Pastor: Rosita Cristobal
Mobile: 9858 0317



GG Leader
– Nanding Obliopas


GG Leader
– Cora Lagahit


GG Leader
– Lyn Dea Cruz


GG Leader
– Margie Obis


GG Leader
– Arlyn Avellana


GG Leader
– Edith Corpuz


GG Leader
– Jonabel Dumo


GG Leader
– Mila Batallones


GG Leader
– Linda Obliopas


D’ Ambassador

GG Leader
– Jeremy Retuta

Agape J316

GG Leaders
– Angel Cruz, Kaye Cruz


GG Leader
– Gerry Salgado

My Beloved

GG Leaders
– Imelda Quillopas, Rosario Abalos

My Redeemer

GG Leaders
– Cholo Cruz, Carla Cruz

Psalms 23

GG Leaders
– Aldwin Retuta, Ann Dela Cruz

Steadfast Love

GG Leader
– Richard Aquino

The Saints

GG Leaders
– Hermie Feril, Marirose Feril

Y-ACTS 2147

GG Leader
– Matet Reando


GG Leaders
– Mario Abogado, Mel Abogado