Main Speaker's Profile

Both Lilian and her husband, Richard are Senior Pastors of ROCK Worship Centre (previously known as THE ROCK INTERNATIONAL Church) in Sydney, Australia and Philippines (Tacloban, Catarman and Paglaum). Pastor Lilian is also the founder of GEM Ministry in Australia & Philippines and GEM New Start Centre Limited in Singapore, which reach out to girls and women in crisis.  She is passionate to help women to be set free from their failures, setbacks, and despairs in life; and to receive healing in their wounded spirit. She strongly believes that every woman deserves to shine like a precious gem, living a life of God’s given destiny.

Her candid communication and transparent style enables her to share openly and practically about her experiences. Woven with God’s word, it empowers individuals for victorious living. Her passion in reaching out to women led her to co-chair the 1st National Christian Women Conference together with Sis Esther Wong in 2013.  With over 25 years of pastoral ministry, she is also actively involved in counselling and community work in the less developed countries. She is an author of 4 books encouraging people in their faith journey and also a mother of 4.

Her life experiences – from a fledging schoolgirl convert to a flourishing mother of 4 and pastor today – in itself is a powerful testimony of God’s goodness, mercy and faithfulness that has helped built in her an unshakable faith in Jesus Christ. She is a great faith motivational speaker that will fire up your passion and renew your commitment to Jesus. She is the author of 4 books depicting her ministry experiences and encouraging women of all ages to take the step of faith to trust in God. She was co-chairman together with Sis Esther Wong for the first National Christian Women Conference held in Singapore back in Feb 2013, which was attended by 2,000 ladies and she has since received many invitations to preach to various churches.


A healthy mind for victorious living

“Healthy Mind, Victorious Living” is anchored upon Philippians 4:8 – “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.”

In an interactive fashion, contrasting the thought life of those living in the first and third worlds, and through transparent sharing in a safe environment, we will together discover the living truths in this verse that we may live lives worthy of His calling!

Speaker: Christy Lim

Mrs Christy Lim is passionate about helping women live the abundant life Jesus promised to all who believe in Him. Having practiced as a professional social worker in first a family service centre and then a women’s and children’s hospital, she followed the leading of the Lord into the Middle East where she served refugees, restoring the dignity of women and children who have lost much in their lives. She also helped equip Arab women with people helping skills.

Dealing with the Jezebel Spirit

This workshop covers a study of the Old Testament Jezebel, wife of King Ahab in 1 Kings and the New Testament Jezebel in Revelation 2.  The main characteristics exhibited by them are domination, intimidation and manipulation.  Their aim is control over people.  The workshop aims to help believers detect those with such traits and how to deal with them.  It explores how believers can grow  in the opposite qualities of submission to the Lord and His delegated authority, meekness, faith, security and strength under the Holy Spirit’s control.

Speaker: Tan Siew Kuan

Siew Kuan’s core ministries are expository teaching of the word of God and intercession. Over the years, in Grace Assembly and in her previous church, Jubilee Presbyterian Church, she has been actively involved in the Grace Filipino Ministry, Christ’s Ambassadors Fellowship, teaching in adult groups, missions and prayer ministries.  Siew Kuan is the wife of Pastor John Tan (a pastor in Grace Assembly from 1985-2003).  Both of them minister as a team, speaking to churches and Christian groups, as well as in counselling people.  They believe that their marriage is a ministry to the Body of Christ.

Esthers in the Marketplace

Wives. Mothers. Daughters. Career Women. The demands on a woman to excel in all these different spheres are felt today more than ever, and frankly, it can be overwhelming. Amidst these roles, God calls us to lean upon Him and to strain towards His higher purpose. Drawing from biblical examples and testimonies, the speakers will share how God uses ordinary women in their homes, and in the marketplace to do extraordinary things, in big ways and small.

Speakers: June Ngui & Rachael Lim

June Ngui is the youngest in the family and was shy and reclusive as a child. As a teenager, she struggled with a sense of insignificance and had no purpose in her life. Today, she is an established entrepreneur in the financial services industry with a vibrant team that helps hundreds of individuals and corporations in financial planning and employee benefit solutions. Her story is a testimony of how God can use ordinary people for His glory. In her secular work, June spends much time in teaching, training, mentoring and personal evangelism. In Christian ministry, she has been involved in musical cantatas, worship teams, Bible teaching, spiritual parenting, church planting and missions.  June is married to Ronald Seet, who is also very experienced and passionate about marketplace ministry. 

Rachael Lim’s second home is Grace Assembly, where she grew spiritually under the mentorship of Ps Li Cuixian and Rev Ronald Yow. She was a youth leader in R-AGE ministry for 15 years. Rachael joined the public service 10 years ago as she believed strongly that societal spheres of influence need godly leaders. She desires the leading of the Holy Spirit in all that she does, and considers a day fruitful if she was obedient to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit.

Waiting for Mr Right

We spend a lot of our time waiting. For the bus to come, for the bag to go on sale, for a friend to turn up. But the most important wait is that for our life partner. Do you know who you are waiting for? Do you know why you are waiting? How do you enjoy your life while waiting? In all these, where is God in your life while you are waiting?

Speaker: Yeo Aihoon

Sis Aihoon has worked primarily in the media industry for close to 30 years as a television producer, a Christian worker and a trainer/lecturer. Home is currently Singapore is but Asia is a backyard she loves to explore, having lived in several countries both as a single and as a family. Both she and her husband married late but God has graciously blessed them with two beautiful children.

Life of a “Single Again” – Rebuilding Relationships

As a single mom, you may feel the odds are against you and may wonder if it is God’s will for you to have another genuine relationship. What does it mean to have faith and put your trust in God and in action?

Speaker: Caroline Tay

Caroline is a businesswoman & a faithful handmaiden of God who loves Jesus passionately because of her experiences of God’s unconditional & unfailing love. Her life testimony displays God’s faithfulness & power to help anyone who is searching to turn from their wrongs to live right again.

Co-speaker: Angela Serdaris

Angela not only shines for Jesus in the marketplace running a Christian fellowship at work, she is also a key leader and a fervent intercessor in church, always hungry to walk close to Jesus. God is using her life experiences to reach out to the women in need, to be their friend and walk with them to become victorious women of God.

Half Time – Renewed Purpose

Do you sometimes feel that you are “almost done” with life? After all, your children are grown up and have left the nest or you have achieved the goals you have set out for yourself. But the life God has ordained for you is far from over! This workshop is for you if you desire a renewed purpose for this season of your life. Drawing on biblical examples and testimonies, this workshop will build your faith in what God can do through you, if you remain steadfast and obedient to Him.

Speaker: To be confirmed