Electronic Funds Transfer For Tithes & Offerings, Missions Giving, Grace Redevelopment


Specific DBS Autosave Account for specific purpose

For Bank Code Branch Code Account No Name of Account
Grace Redevelopment Account 7171 006 006-901609-4 Grace Assembly of God
Tithe & Offering 7171 006 006-901743-0 Grace Assembly of God
Mission Pledge 7171 006 006-901794-5 Grace Missions

Benefit of giving your tithe & offering through internet banking

  • Giving can be anytime, 24 hours daily.
  • No need to bring cash or cheque to church, safe and easy.
  • No transaction cost to you, is FOC.
  • Transaction captured on your bank statement, easy record keeping.
  • Reduce church cash handling and safekeeping.
  • Reduce cost of tithe & offering envelope printing.
Some Security Tips
  • Logout of the system whenever you leave your computer.  Recommend the use of a screen saver with a time-out period of between 2-10 minutes.
  • For your PIN, do not use numbers which can easily be linked to you, like your birthday or a telephone number.  Do not share with anyone.
  • Have reputable anti-virus product to scan for and remove computer viruses from your hard disk on a regular basis.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and history after logging out.
You might want to refer to the following internet banking help links if you bank with OCBC or UOB

OCBC – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc-0SYZ27OM
UOB – https://pib.uob.com.sg/PIBLogin/appmanager/Login/Public

If you  have any query on internet banking, please write to ib@graceaog.org