“1 in 4 people may develop cancer in their lifetime. The good news is, with early detection and treatment, you can have better clinical/ management outcomes.”
– Singapore Cancer Society

Grace Assembly wants to support and journey together with cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers who are Gracians and non-Gracians (both English and Chinese speaking).

As such, the church will be setting up a new ministry, Grace Cancer Support Group (CSG) in 2022 and we are now looking for volunteers to join us!

Who can volunteer?
Join us as a volunteer if you are:
1) A cancer survivor (after treatment, in remission), or
2) A caregiver to cancer patients, or
3) An individual with relevant skills, or
4) An individual with strong empathy and awareness of self and others.

There are many opportunities to serve in this new ministry!

We need facilitators, oncologists, nurses, therapists, counsellors, home-based chefs, delivery drivers and many others. Necessary training in specific areas will be provided.

Sign up here to be a volunteer for Cancer Support Group!

Please email cancersupport@graceaog.org if you need more information.

– 新加坡癌症协会



1) 癌症康复者(治疗后,缓解期),或
2) 癌症患者的看护人员,或
3) 具有相关技能的个人,或
4) 有强烈的同理心,并有健康的自我意识和他人意识




如果有任何疑问,请发电邮至 cancersupport@graceaog.org