Community Outreach is one of our church’s 5 strategic pillars. Our Grace Community Outreach (GCO) Ministry organises many different activities throughout the year to reach out to bless the community residents living in the housing estates in the vicinity of [email protected] and [email protected]
On a regular basis, GCO also partners REACH Community Services Society (RCSS), our church’s social services arm, and other grassroots organisations to organise activities during special occasions or for selected groups of beneficiaries.
GCO’s activities focus mainly on the elderly residents, young children as well as families that may need a helping hand in one way or another.
To be close to our beneficiaries, GCO’s activities are usually held at our church, at RCSS’ premises, or at the housing estates where they live.
Through the different kinds of activities, we hope to foster a positive relationship with our beneficiaries and demonstrate God’s love for them in tangible ways.
社区外展是我们教会五个战略支柱之一。我们的恩典社区外展事工(GCO)一整年都会安排许多不同的活动, 为要接触和祝福居住在恩典堂@东陵和恩典堂@武吉巴督附近组屋区的社区居民。
GCO也定期与援触社区服务协会(RCSS),我们的社会服务机构, 以及其他基层组织合作,在特别的节庆为特定的受益群体安排活动。