About Grace Missional College

Grace Missional College, inaugurated in 2016, is a joint collaboration with Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN) in partnership with International Christian Missions Plus Ltd (ICM+), and Oral Roberts University (ORU). Grace Missional College (GMC), under Missional Leading of GRACE Discipleship Progress, is developed and driven from the vision and direction of New GRACE. It encapsulates core values of the Missional Family Church into the curriculum to realise its desired strategy and outcomes through equipping  individuals with the Word and practical ministry skills to lead an intentional missional life and service in the church and in the community.

GMC aims to empower and equip leaders, lay ministers, interns, ministry staff and those who have full-time calling.

Two tracks, namely short-term theological certificate and Diploma of Theological Studies, are adapted from the curriculum programs between Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN) in partnership with International Christian Missions Plus Ltd (ICM+), and Oral Roberts University (ORU).

The short-term theological certificate is a 19-credit course (6 modules) including 1-hour practicum and the Diploma of Theological Studies is a 33-credit course (10 modules) including 3-hour practicum.  Students can continue with the Diploma of Theological Studies after completing the short-term theological certificate.

Introduction of CLEN & ORU

Introduction to Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN)

CLEN is a membership network of independent schools, instructors, and students providing standardized Bible-based education to their students around the world for Christian education and ministry training.  The Mission Statement of CLEN is to equip and empower local churches and Christian leaders worldwide by providing quality, cutting-edge Christian education and ministry training. Student of the member school with CLEN can be accepted into the Distance Education Program of Christian Life School of Theology (CLST Global) who is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International and International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries.

Introduction of Oral Roberts University (ORU)

Oral Roberts University (ORU), based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, is an interdenominational, Christian, comprehensive liberal arts university.  Founded in 1963, the university is named after its late founder, evangelist Oral Roberts, and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

Local Church Bible Institute

ORU has established the Diploma Institute Program to complement the educational ministries of the local church for the equipping of saints for ministry.  Through the Institute program, your local church links arms with the ORU Bible Institute to offer 19-credit Certificate and 33-credit Diploma of Theological Studies.  These programs can be conducted at the local church which maintains full control/ownership of its Bible institute. The ORU Bible Institute provides curriculum, materials, and lecture notes while your local church provides instructors to teach Certificate and Diploma courses.

Grace Missional College Curriculum

Two specialized and accredited programs, Christian Ministry and Christian Missions, are formulated for short-term certificate and Diploma in Theological Studies.  Modules in these two programs are mapped from the curriculum between CLEN-ICM and ORU.  5 core modules and various electives of the Christian Ministry and Christian Missions are appended below.  The core modules are to be completed before individuals can proceed to take the Ministry, Counseling or Missions electives.

Teaching Faculty

Local lecturers/instructors are scheduled to teach the modules in a classroom setting besides having professors from CLEN and ORU.  These local lecturers/instructors are qualified individuals selected and approved by the Chancellor of GMC, and the CLEN/ORU who possess a minimum of Master or its equivalent in the form of theological education from a university, college or institution with a combination of education and teaching experiences.

Teaching Instructions

The modules are also made available through DVD; facilitated by the instructors, for off-site learning, special short course or seminar.


Examination will be held at the last session of the module.  Examination questions come from the textbook, study guide and lectures.   The examination papers will be graded and filed in the student record. 3 credits will be granted when the students have satisfactorily completed the assignments and examination in a module. Graduation ceremony will be held to award the certificate and/or diploma after the completion of all the necessary credits required.

A grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 must be achieved in order to receive a certificate or diploma.  A GPA of 3.0 is required for student who desires to move on to the Degree program.

The practicum is shaped with the goal to equip people to live missionally.  Students will be involved with missional activities; including local and overseas short-term missions.

Academic Calendar

Modules will be held during the 2 academic terms of the year; i.e. from January to May and from July to November, in Grace @Tanglin Road and/or in Grace @Bukit Batok.

Please click on the registration to access the GMC brochure and registration form for modules which will be held during the 2nd Term of 2016.

Program Fee

Fee per 3-credit module: S$260
Audit fee: S$100
Application fee (one-time): S$80


Register online; or
Register at Grace Bookstores located in 2nd level Koinonia, Grace@Tanglin Road, and 1st level, Grace @Bukit Batok.

Fees: $130 (Credit for GMC Students), $15 (Non-credit for Lay Leaders)


If you have queries, and would like more information regarding the GMC, please email gmcollege@graceaog.org or refer to http://edu.graceaog.org

Christian Ministry

Christian Missions


BIOT115: Old Testament Survey IBINT115: New Testament Survey I

BIBT321: Christology

BIBT217: Holy Spirit I/II or

BIBT325: Pneumatology

BIBT545: Missional Worship or

BIBT605: The Philosophy of Worship

BIOT115: Old Testament Survey 1BINT115: New Testament Survey 1

BIBT321: Christology

BIBT217: Holy Spirit I/II or

BIBT325: Pneumatology

BIBT545: Missional Worship or

BIBT605: The Philosophy of Worship


BIBT451: Developing Sound HermeneuticsBIPT201: Preaching

BIPT590: Teaching – A Biblical Perspective

BIBT425: Apologetics

BIPT350: Courage to Lead

BIPT301: Equipping for Evangelism

BIPT502: Theology of Missions BIHT640: A Study of Faiths & Religions

BIBT451: Developing Sound Hermeneutics

BIPT201: Preaching

BIPT590: Teaching – A Biblical Perspective

BIBT425: Apologetics

BIPT301: Equipping for Evangelism

BINT555: The Book of Acts: The Spirit & the Mission of the Church

BINT560: Paul – The Man or

BINT561: Paul – His Letters

Ministry-Counselling Electives

BICC150: Introduction to Biblical CounselingBICC176: Foundation of Christian Counseling

BICC451: Portrait of Christian Marriage & Family,

BICC525: Biblical Building Blocks for Marriage & Family

BICC505: Healing the Wounded Heart

Ministry-Mission Electives

BIBT502: Theology of MissionsBIHT640: A Study of Faiths & Religions

BINT555: The Book of Acts: The Spirit & the Mission of the Church

BINT560: Paul – The Man

BINT561: Paul – His Letters