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Who can attend the on-site church services?

ALL attendees, including young children, attending English, Filipino, Mandarin and Hokkien* Services, must have a valid ticket.

All attendees aged 12 and above, must also fulfil one of the following requirements:

  • Fully Vaccinated ie. completed full regimen of Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty, Moderna, or WHO Emergency Use List (EUL) vaccines, + 14 days, OR
  • Recovered from COVID-19, OR
  • Obtained a negative result on a pre-event test* taken in the past 24 hours before the expected end of the event.

a) Pre-event Testing (PET) is not applicable for Saturday Hokkien Service at Grace@Tanglin.

b) Results from Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kits cannot be accepted as proof for PET.

For attendees aged 12 years and below:

As this group of attendees are currently ineligible for any COVID-19 vaccine in the National Vaccination Programme, they are exempted from undergoing PET.

If you have more than one child attending the on-site service with you, all the children must be from the same household.

To attend our on-site services, please book your tickets here .

*Check our service timings here and Section D: Ticketing information below.

For the safety of fellow attendees, Grace Assembly reserves the right to deny entry for individuals who do not produce proof of vaccination or COVID-19 Test Result Notices that fall within required validity periods.

A部分: 入场条件




  • 已经接种全剂量受批准的疫苗 (包括辉瑞和复必泰(Pfizer-BioNTech / Comirnaty)、莫德纳或世界卫生组织批准的紧急使用清单中的疫苗+14天,
  • 是一名2019新冠病毒康复者,
  • 取得距离所要参加的活动结束前24小时内的“活动前检测”(PET) 的阴性结果的报告










What is Pre-Event Testing (PET)?

The PET can be either an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) or a Polymerase Chan Reaction (PCR) test approved by MOH, and it must be administered by an approved test provider. The validity of the COVID-19 test results is 24 hours, starting from the time the individual was registered at the testing premises.

Only those who have been undergone PET and are able to produce an ART / PCR Negative COVID-19 Test Result Notice issued by an approved test provider, with a validity period that will cover them till the end of the service that they are attending, will be granted admission.

For more information about PET, please visit: https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19/pet

Who needs to undergo Pre-Event Testing (PET)?

If you are aged 12 years and above, and you are neither fully vaccinated, nor a recovered COVID-19 patient, you are required to undergo PET prior to attending any on-site English, Filipino, Mandarin and Hokkien Services (except for Saturday Hokkien Service at Grace@Tanglin).

Click here to check the timings for our services and PET.


  • Results from Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kits cannot be accepted as proof for PET.
  • Anyone with a temperature reading of 37.4°C and above or found to be unwell, will not be allowed to undergo PET and will be asked to leave the church premises. His / her companions will be required to leave as well.
  • Individuals without a valid ticket booked for any of the services that require PET, for the same weekend will not be allowed to undergo PET.

Where can I go for PET?

a. PET will be only offered on Saturdays at Grace@Tanglin, from 1pm to 5pm, for volunteers and congregants attending selected on-site services. Love offerings are welcome.

The PET service offered at Grace@Tanglin will be self-administered and supervised by an approved COVID-19 test provider. 

Before going for PET at Grace@Tanglin, please ensure that you have booked and secured a ticket for the on-site service that you wish to attend. You will be required to show your ticket before you are admitted for PET registration.

Click here to book your tickets. Ticket booking starts at 12 noon every Friday.

b.  Individuals may also opt to undergo COVID-19 testing at the Quick Test Centres (QTCs), or by a MOH-approved provider, at their own expense.

For the list of MOH-approved providers, please refer here.

When do I need to do PET? What do I need to bring?

You should go for PET not more than 24 hours before the end of the services that you wish to attend.

Eg. If you are attending an on-site service that starts at 9am on Sunday that is expected to end no later than 1030am, you should go for your PET anytime, AFTER 10.30am the day before (Saturday).

Please bring:

  • NRIC (or Birth Certificate for young children),
  • TraceTogether token or mobile app, and
  • Valid ticket for the on-site service you are attending (only if you are undergoing PET at Grace@Tanglin).

How long will the PET process take?

The PET process at Grace@Tanglin should take no longer than 30 minutes, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

What do I need to bring to show proof of vaccination or PET testing?

1. For faster admission into the church premises, please have your mobile device with the TraceTogether app or the physical token ready. Proof of vaccination is available on your TraceTogether App or token.

2. Proof of vaccination and PET testing is on eservices.healthhub.sg ,which is also available via your SingPass App.

The following documents are also accepted:
i. COVID-19 Test Result Notice (ART),
ii. COVID-19 Test Result Notice (PCR),
iii. Patient Risk Profile Portal (PRPP) ART Result Slip), or
iv. Vaccination cert from – www.notarise.gov.sg

*Results from Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kits cannot be accepted as proof for PET.

B部分: “活动前检测”(PET)






如果您是12岁或以上、但未完成全剂量接种疫苗的个人,或是一名非2019新冠病毒康复者,您必须在参加任何现场崇拜聚会(除了星期六在恩典堂@东陵举行的闽南语聚会)前做“活动前检测” (PET)。


  • 注意:抗原快速检测(ART)的冠病自助检测仪的结果不能用为PET的证明。
  • 体温读数为37.4℃及以上或发现身体不适者,将不允许做PET,并将被要求离开聚会所。他/她的陪同者也将被要求离开。
  • 要参加任何一场需要“活动前检测”(PET)的现场聚会,但未持有同一周聚会的有效入场票的个人将不被允许做PET。


a. 我们仅在星期六下午1点至5点在恩典堂@东陵为参加现场聚会的服事人员及参加选定的现场聚会的会友提供PET服务。我们欢迎爱心奉献。




b. 个人也可以选择自费在快速检测中心或卫生部批准的提供者做2019新冠病毒检测。






  • 身份证件(年幼的孩童请携带出生证)
  • “合理追踪”便携器或手机应用程序,以及
  • 您所参加的现场聚会的有效入场票(仅当您在恩典堂@东陵做PET的情况下才需要携带)




1. 为了更快进入聚会所,请准备好您的“合力追踪”手机应用程序或便携器。您的应用程序或便携器也会有您的疫苗接种证明。

2. 在eservices.healthhub.sg的疫苗接种和PET证明,在您手机的“SingPass”应用程序中也会显示。

i. 2019新冠病毒检测结果通知(ART),
ii. 2019新冠病毒检测结果通知(PCR),
iii. Patient Risk Profile Portal (PRPP) ART 检测单,
iv. 来自www.notarise.gov.sg的疫苗接种证明



What precautions would be taken to ensure the safety of our members?

The church has submitted our safe management plans and received the necessary approval from MCCY for our on-site services to resume at both Grace@Tanglin and Grace@BukitBatok.

Hand sanitisers will be made available throughout the church premises for anyone to use.

The service halls and areas with high touchpoints will be cleaned and disinfected after each service.

To enter the church premises, all attendees are required to go through mandatory temperature checks and to scan SafeEntry using only either the TraceTogether token or the mobile app.

Anyone with a temperature reading of 37.4°C and above or found to be unwell, will be asked to leave the church premises. His / her companions will be required to leave as well.

Everyone must wear a mask, and to observe safe distancing measures at all times. They are also reminded to maintain a high level of personal hygiene with regular hand-washing.

How long is each service? Which services would resume on-site?

The duration of each service will be kept as short as possible, not exceeding 1.5 hours.

Please click here for information about our on-site and online services.


Singing is NOT allowed under the prevailing advisory, and masks must be worn at all times.

Movement / Safe Distancing Measures

No congregation or inter-mingling at the church premises is allowed.

Attendees must always limit their movements to the zones that they have been assigned to.

There will be dedicated washrooms, and entry / exit routes for each zone. Everyone is expected to follow the directional instructions for their assigned zones.

To prevent crowding, reporting times may be staggered to admit attendees for the services.

After the on-site service, attendees will be dismissed row by row. Please follow the instructions given by the service leader. All attendees are expected to leave the church premises within 15 minutes after the service has ended.

Holy Communion

You will collect your own Holy Communion emblems on your way into the service halls and dispose the cups in the bins provided on your way out after service.

Tithes & Offering

You are strongly encouraged to give your tithes and offerings via PayNow or other contactless means. For more information, please visit https://www.graceaog.org/giving/ .

Alternatively, you can deposit your tithes and offerings in the offering boxes placed at the exits of the service halls

Will the Cry Room be open?

The Cry Rooms at both Grace@Tanglin and Grace@BukitBatok will remain closed until further notice.

Can we park in church when we attend the on-site services?

Basement parking is available at Grace@Tanglin.

No parking is allowed at Grace@BukitBatok. Please park at the nearby HDB carparks.

C部分: 一般信息






任何体温为37.4℃ 及以上或发现身体不适者,将被要求离开教堂。陪同他的人也必须离开。
























When can I start booking my ticket?

Unless specified, tickets will be available for booking at https://www.tickettailor.com/events/gaog on Friday, 12 noon, for the church services for the same weekend.

Ticket booking will close when all tickets have been booked, or up till the actual service time, whichever is earlier.

How many tickets can I book for each service?

Every attendee will require a ticket, even for children.

As tickets are limited, please do not book them unless you are able to attend the service. And we urge you to only book the number of tickets that you require.

How can I be sure that I have booked my tickets successfully?

You will receive an email confirmation with instructions that you need to take note of, and a copy of your tickets if your booking is successful.

You are required to show and have your tickets scanned before you can be admitted into the service hall. Other forms of verification such as your mobile number may be required.

Please note that all tickets will be considered void 5 minutes after the service has started.

What if I cannot make it for service at the last minute? Will I be penalised?

For contact tracing purposes, tickets are non-transferable.

Please fill up the form at https://bit.ly/cancelticket at least 24 hours prior to the service if you need to cancel your tickets so that we can release them to others who wish to attend the service.

Given the limited seats available, every seat matters. If there are no-shows, you may be disallowed from future bookings.

However, we understand that last minute unforeseen situations may crop up. And if you were caught in one of those situations and could not attend the service, do drop us a short explanation at ticketing@graceaog.org to let us know!

I am helping some elderly members to book the tickets, but I will not be attending the service with them. How can they prove that they have tickets to attend the service?

You can send the screenshots of the tickets to them to show to the usher at the door for verification. Please ensure that the screenshots are clear and visible.

I could not book any tickets. Can I still watch the service online?

Due to limited resources, only selected services will be available online. Information about our online service can be found at https://www.graceaog.org/grace-church-services/ .

I could not book any tickets. Can I come to church to wait and see if there are empty seats?

Admission to our on-site services is strictly by a valid ticket and attendees are subjected to admission criteria as set out in Section A.

As it is mandatory for the church to adhere to the restricted capacity, walk-ins without a valid ticket are strictly not allowed.

Therefore, we do not advise anyone to come to church without a valid ticket.

If you cannot get the tickets this round, we encourage you to continue trying to book the tickets for the next service.

Alternatively, you can continue to catch our other services which are still available online. Our online service timings can be found at https://www.graceaog.org/grace-church-services/.

I don’t know how to book the tickets online. Where can I get help?

You may wish to get your friends and family members to book the tickets on your behalf. They can then send you screenshots of the tickets to you to show to the usher at the door when you come for service.

You may also call the church mainline at 64100800 during office hours and our staff will be glad to assist you.

D部分: 入场票


除非另有说明,否则可以在每个星期五中午12点,通过https://www.tickettailor.com/events/gaog 预订同一周末的教会崇拜聚会。当所有入场票已预订完毕或已到聚会时间 (以较早者为准),则会停止预订。









如果您要取消您所订的票,请点击此链接 https://bit.ly/cancelticket ,并在聚会开始的24小时之前填写和提交表格,以便我们可以将票发放给其他想要出席聚会的人。







由于资源有限,我们仅为一些崇拜提供在线聚会。您可以在https://www.graceaog.org/grace-church-services/ 查看我们的在线聚会讯息。




如果您这一次订不到票,我们鼓励您尝试预订下一场聚会的入场票。或者,您可以继续参加我们其他崇拜的在线聚会。您可以在https://www.graceaog.org/grace-church-services/ 查看我们的在线聚会时间。



您也可以在办公时间致电教会办公电话 64100800,我们的同工将乐意为您提供协助。