Grace Assembly has always been a praying church. And for a time such as this, we need to engage in prayer even more! You may opt to keep your prayer request confidential when you submit it to us. Either way, you can be sure that we will pray for you!

恩典堂一直是重视祷告的教会。 特别在这段时刻,你我需要更多地参与祷告! 当你在提交代祷事项时,你可以选择保密祷告内容的选项。无论如何,你可以确保我们将会为你代祷!

Prayer Request Option
All the information provided to us are for the purpose of internal records and administration. They will be processed and managed in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA). By filling up and submitting the form, you are expressly consenting us to collect and use it for the purpose intended. 所有提供给我们的信息,将作为内容记录与行政之用。这些资料将按照《2012个人资料保护法》(PDPA)妥善管理。填写并成交此表格,即代表您同意我们收集并使用这些资料。