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In this space, you can view the prayer requests, testimonies or prayers answered as well as words of encouragement from Gracians! As you view this wall, we would like to encourage you to pray for others and take heart for the testimonies and encouragements posted. 在这里,你可以看到代祷事项,蒙应允的祷告和见证,以及来自恩友的的勉励。 当你观览这幅墙时,我们邀请你来为他人代祷,并被这些见证和勉励得鼓舞。

Let us continue to press on in prayer and spur each other unto love and good deeds! 让我们持续续告,彼此激励活出爱!

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An update on Jonathan Wong, my husband. Thank you for praying for him. Jonathan is feeling better, less pain and improving slowly. There is more gas and discharge in his stoma bags now. Please pray that intestinal activity will increase as it is still low and slow. He has started sipping a little water and we pray that his gastrointestinal system will accept the water well. Thank you.

I have been struggling in my thoughts for very long time. all those ungodly thoughts keep bombarding my mind. I also need healing in my ears I don’t seem to be able to focus and concentrate well, and I have poor memories. I need clarity of mind often confused. I have breathing problems, asthma and suspect heart blockages. I get tired easily and I need more strength in my body and mind.

Hi church, I am looking for a job, but it seems really tough. Submitted many resumes and been through some interviews but still no news. Can church pray with me? Thanks.

My husband, Jonathan Wong, will undergo a scope tomorrow to see where the blockage is in the small intestines.
Please pray that:
1) There is no infection in the PICC line as it is near the heart. This is very important.
2) The scope will reveal where the blockage is and that the blockage will be cleared, so that the small intestines can restart.
Thank you.

Please continue to pray for my husband, Jonathan. Due to a lack of movement in the intestines, there has been no gas and liquid waste discharged through the stoma bags. His intestines need to restart urgently. Otherwise, waste and gas will be trapped inside, causing more complications. He is still on IV drip and nutrients through PICC line. Please pray for the intestines to restart, and that there will be no obstruction, and no infection and swelling of the intestines. Please pray also that the gas and waste can be discharged well through the stoma. Thank you.

Please pray for my husband, Jonathan Wong. He suffered a rupture in his small intestines due to Cronh’s Disease and he underwent emergency operation yesterday. One part of his intestines was removed but the two ends of the intestine cut cannot be joined back yet. As such, he has to carry two stoma bags to clear the waste from the intestines. Please pray for the inflammation to subside completely so that the two ends of the intestines can be joined again. Please also pray that the inflammation will not spread to the rest of the gastro-intestinal region. Finally, please pray for his immunity to be sustained and that there will be no recurrence of cancer. Thank you.

Pray for my son’s Piano teacher – Kimberly Lim has diagnosed with recurrence lymph related cancer.


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Please pray for salavation for my dad 82 yo, Mr Lee Bee Han, he is going for infected foot operation coming Friday, he is a diabetic cum dialysis patient. Suffer 3 consecutive mild stroke since May, the operation is deemed as high risk in view of his current condition. Pray for God’s mercy to save him & heal him.

This is a time for intercession to arise for God’s agenda / strongholds to be established in SG & globally.
God is using the pandemic to shift His people toward righteousness / holiness, esp in the entertainment arena. Let’s pray that
as entertainments resume in SG, a holy fear will guide what’s available, for God is wanting to sanctify our Nation. Many are still shut for a purpose. Let’s establish God’s purpose / plan for us in this arena. Let God’s sanctifying, glorious light push back all darkness!
This is the kairos time for intercessors to arise to take authority for God’s kingdom to come.

Please pray for :
1. God to supply a new maid urgently (before the current maid leaves)
Need miracle because now transfer maid is scarcity.
Need a new maid that is capable & willing to take care of mum in her current state (after stroke + dementia).
Once Myanmar lockdown lifted, my old maid wants to go back Myanmar (Myanmar lockdown is until 15/6/20 but don’t know whether will extend or not).

2. God to direct us to a good doctor & proper follow up for stroke management.
The doctor in Ng Teng Fong literally didn’t recommend my mum for any test, any physio therapy, didn’t give any medication.

3. Me (Mandy chua) whole body aching, tension at neck & head (like oxygen/blood flow cannot reach the brain), not sleeping well every night.