Grace Missions (GM) is the missions arm of Grace Assembly of God, Singapore. The Executive Church Board has delegated authority to GM to carry out the missions works of Grace Assembly. GM carry out the missions works of Grace Assembly by planting churches, preparing leaders and propelling people.


Ever since 2001, GM have supported the planting of more than 1500 churches. Currently GM have church planting (CP) projects in 11 countries around Asia. Each country is helmed by a country director who supervise the CP works and chart the ministry direction for that particular country.


Training and development are also part of the strategy to grow our CP works. Church planting is not complete without offering training to equip the pastors and leaders of the region. The training GM offers ranges from theological subjects and to those practical ministry. Pastors and leaders from the churches that are support by GM will gather periodically for leadership training.


As the missions arm of Grace Assembly, GM also seek to educate, update and inspire the church for world missions through J333, Church Bulletin and Missions Videos. Missions trips are also specifically designed to be an essential tool to propel people out to the nations.


Missions Trips are encouraged in order to promote greater awareness of the needs in the missions field. Short term missions trips are often a prelude to future longer term commitment to missions. It is proven that members who return from missions trips contribute effectively through intercessory prayer for these countries. GM offers two different kinds of missions trips:

Short-Term Missions Trips (STMT)

The duration for these trips are usually 5-14 days. There are generally three reasons why people would go on a STMT.

  1. Experience the culture of another people. This would mean observing the dressing of the people, eat their food, adapt to their ways of greeting. Bottom line, it means to attempt to blend in as much as possible. As trippers learn to respect the customs and sing the local Christian songs, this would expose trippers to a world outside their own so as to widen their perspective of life, God and the world.
  2. Explore the work of the missionary and the local pastors. As trippers listen to their goals and passion for the people, this would usually result in an understanding as to why they do what they do. Hopefully, trippers would catch the vision and passion for leading the lost to Christ, and in turn do the same in Singapore and around the world, wherever their influence brings them.
  3. Extend the work of the Kingdom. When trippers go for the various STMTs, they go as representatives of Christ and the Church. Trippers would seek to be a blessing to the locals by preaching, teaching English, many would find themselves sharing testimonies of God’s goodness and some would even find themselves being involved with community projects depending on the nature of the trips. Basically the point is to elevate the standard of the society, and through our doing, the name of Christ is being lifted up in the community.

Acts Programme

Available | Committed | Trained | Service

This is what GM hope to produce in the participants of this programme. ACTS Missions Programme is catered for all repeat Short-Term Missions Trippers who wish to experience missions for a extended period of time. The duration for these trips are usually 2-3 months. It seeks to help participants to be further exposed to the different facets of cross-cultural missions.


  • All participants must be 18 years old and above.
  • All participants must have joined a STMT prior to joining ACTS.
  • In-House Training

To prepare participants for their overseas missions stint, there would be three weeks of in-house training in these areas:

  • Preparing for Short Term Missions
  • Perspective in Missions
  • Practical Ministry Skills
  • Practicum