NEXUS is the next-generational ministry that comprises Grace Kids (children), R-AGE (youths), and YAYP (young adults). The vision of NEXUS is seeing the next generation nurtured to be missional disciples through models of faith in every generation in the family of Grace.

NEXUS stands for “a means of connection” and “a focal point,” both of which aptly describe the ministry’s strategy to fulfil our vision based on these three pillars.


With three ministries now under one roof – as represented by the chain of three links forming the letter ‘N’, we can look forward to: Seamless assimilations between ministries, smoother transitions from one life stage into another, and greater synergy in our Christian education curriculum and leadership development. 


We believe that every stakeholder in the life of a child to a young adult plays a vital role in teaching and modeling a life of faith in God. As such, we see the value of partnering with parents, family members, peers and other influential figures in the believer’s life to better nurture him or her in the ways of the Lord. This strong inter-connection between the family nucleus, individual believer and church community is represented by the chain links. 


The middle red link of the logo represents Jesus Christ and His shed blood on the cross for our sins.

This is the centre of all that we are and do at NEXUS.

The progression from darker to lighter shades represents the transferred lives we desire to see in NEXUS, made possible through the power of the Cross. The cross inspires us to be dedicated missional believers to bring the good news of the cross wherever we are.


Children are precious gifts from God!   At Grace Kids, we seek to strengthen the relationship of the children with God through worship, prayer, altar call and fun experiential learning.   Through different age-appropriate activities, from weekly craftwork, songs, games, to our annual outreach events, mission trips and holiday programmes, we aim to nurture our children holistically, loving God and loving others.   It is our desire to partner with parents and to see each child grow up as a child of God, knowing and experiencing Him personally.

We're Recruiting!

Love children? We want YOU! We are constantly looking for passionate and fun loving individuals to join us in nurturing the next generation. No experience required, just an open and willing heart will do! If you want to experience the joy of seeing the children grow, sign up now! You may drop us a text or email us!


Grace I (GI) 

Sunday 9:00AM & 11:15AM
Sparkle @ Grace Kids (3 – 6 years old) : L5 Zion Room
Shine @ Grace Kids (7 – 10 years old) : L2 Eden Hall

Grace II (GII)

Sunday 9:00AM & 11:15AM
Sparkle @ Grace Kids (3 – 6 years old) : L4 Kindness Room
Shine @ Grace Kids (7 – 10 years old) : L2 Love Room

Contact Us

Ps. Alvin Lim
Mobile: 9684 1675

Sharmaine Zeng
Mobile: 9339 5397

Benjamin Ang
Mobile: 9837 8192

The children will get to meet their small group leaders and friends in a smaller more “cosy” group. Here they will have more time to get to know one another, to bond with the leaders and make life-long mutually-supportive friends. At least once a year, there is also a class outing or class party, where the small groups will celebrate and have fun! Parents are invited, too, so come and join us then!

Each week, there is master teaching by the children’s pastor or teachers sharing life-transforming principles from God’s Word and help our Grace Kids to be engaged in learning activities. There are also learning stations and games to help the children to connect with the lessons and with each other.

The programme is specially tailored to provide each child with creative worship sessions by worship teams and fun activities by our service team. Through these, the children will connect with God and with one another.

For our Primary 5 and 6 young people, we have designed a curriculum just for them to help them adjust to their lives as preteens. Individual class teachers, Befrienders from the Youth Ministry and the youth pastors become their caring mentors. At the end of the year, there’s an exclusive P6 Camp and Missions Trip for them. As our Shine graduates, they will go out to minister and touch their world for Jesus!

In addition, we have exciting events planned and executed by our dedicated team of leaders. So watch out for the publicity in the weeks before the following: EASTER, CHILDREN’S DAY, CHRISTMAS, Holiday Programmes, Camps & MISSION TRIPS.

SPARKLE @ GRACE KIDS (3 - 6 years old)

Though young, we believe that our pre-schoolers can sparkle for God! The children are exposed to missions and community outreaches where they can play an active role. They will learn about the love of God through interesting videos, songs, crafts and games. As the learning styles of different age groups are very different, the children are put into smaller groups of 3&4 years old, and 5&6 years old for their lessons.

SHINE @ GRACE KIDS (7 - 10 years old)

At Shine, we believe in the potential of our children and encourage them to serve in various areas so that they will develop a missional heart. We help them dig deeper into the Word to build a strong foundation of Christian habits and character to equip them as they face the challenges of their growing up years.


R-AGE is the youth ministry of Grace Assembly of God, and is home to our young people aged 11 to 19 years old.

R-AGE believes in the call of Redeeming A Generation for Eternity. That’s what we stand for. It is a place where redeemed youths redeem youths.

“Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story…” –Psalm 107:2a

What we do in R-AGE desires to nurture a generation in having a heart that loves God, a mind that knows God, a character that reflects God, and a lifestyle that proclaims God – bringing the love of Christ to impact their communites.

Our home-grown pastoral staff and dedicated lay leaders strive to raise up young people to be more like Jesus, serving one another and reaching out to the ones that are forgotten, lost and wandering in their generation. Our passion is to see young people ministering to young people with God’s love, alongside the journey of their redemption story.

Do not hestitate to contact us or join us at either of our two campuses hosting our weekend services and cell groups. We would love to see you there!

If you are our age, then you have to be a part of R-AGE.


Grace I (GI) 

Saturday 5:00 PM
Elevate @ R-AGE (14 – 19 years old) : L3 Emmaus

Sunday 11:15 AM
Emerge @ R-AGE (11 – 13 years old) : L3 Emmaus

Grace II (GII) 

Saturday 2:00 PM
Elevate @ R-AGE (13 – 19 years old) : L4 Chapel

Saturday 3:30 PM
Youth cell

Contact Us

Ps. Joey Asher Tan
Mobile: 9023 0083

Rachel Choo
Mobile: 9295 2436

Kenneth Yeo
Mobile: 9339 7900

Tiffany Tay
Mobile: 9179 8596

Ryan Michael Chin
Mobile: 9299 7269


What’s YAYP? YAYP stands for Young Adults Young Professionals, the young adult ministry of Grace Assembly of God, Singapore. 

Church isn’t a place for holy-joes – it’s a community of ordinary people like you and me who needs the saving grace of Jesus Christ. If you’re seeking to know more about Jesus, grow in God, or share life with other believers, this place is for you. 

Join us for our weekly services and cell groups!


Young adults need a safe environment to grow through the transitions this life stage brings. These include leaving the safety net of school, stepping into the working world, and navigating through dating and marriage. 

At YAYP, we grow together as a community rooted in Jesus Christ and His word. As stewards of the future, the YAYP ministry exists to develop young adults to lead their generation and impact the world for Christ.

We love because of a God who first loved us, and welcome you to be part of our community!

Contact Us

Ps. Alvin Lim
Mobile: 9684 1675

Sheryl Teo
Mobile: 9727 0124

Peter Lim
Mobile: 9296 2234