Encouragement 勉励


By | Encouragement 勉励

The online J333 is family friendly to me. I used to struggle with having to attend J333 on a Wednesday night because that’s the time when my young children need me the most. And if I had chosen to walk into a building to pray with my church, I leave behind my husband to tuck in the kids at home. It was a struggle. As such, I could not attend prayer meetings previously.

Just this Monday, my family came together (except for my younger one who was already bed) to pray. It was disruptive for sure because my 6 year old had many questions. “What were they praying for?” “What are they talking about?” (referring to tongues) However, it was a fantastic opportunity to disciple our 6 year old by clarifying some of her questions and also guiding her on how to pray and what to pray for. That night, we taught her about ‘prayer’ through the experience we had in the prayer room. Also with prayer meetings taken out of a building and into homes, my husband and I could hold our hands to pray for the matters of the church.

Personally, I felt His tangible presence in my home and am blessed to have been there to pray as a church, a family. Come, families, let’s never cease praying and never cease seeking His face for such a time as this. 🙂