Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hi Gracians! We are pleased to have started our online prayer movement which includes online J333, submitting prayer requests and praying for others through our prayer webpage. We understand that many of you might be keen to understand this initiative and would like to know how to be involved. Therefore, we came up with a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) just for you!

If you have more questions, feel free to write in to us at Thank you!



What do we hope to achieve with this prayer movement?

We hope to mobilise more Gracians to pray, inspire Gracians to pray more, and equip Gracians to lead J333 online.


我们期望动员更多的恩友祷告,激励恩友更多祷告,并装备恩友带领在线上  J333。

How do I retrieve the online meeting room password if I’m not part of any GMGs?

You may email us at, message us via Instagram (@graceag1950) or Facebook (@graceaogsingapore), or call us at 6410 0800 to ask for the password. Alternatively, you may also get in touch with your regional pastor / leader to retrieve the password.

For security reasons, please note that the password for the Zoom meeting room will be changed weekly. As such, we may also verify your identity as a Gracian before releasing the password to you. Thank you for your understanding!


你可以通过 向我们发送电子邮件,通过 Instagram(@ graceag1950)或脸书(@graceaogsingapore)向我们发送信息,或致电 6410 0800 索取密码。另外,您也可以与您的区牧/组长联系以获取密码。

出于安全原因,请注意,在线J333平台的密码将每周更改一次。同时,在向您告知密码之前,我们也可能会验证您的身份为 Gracian。谢谢您的谅解!

Why do we unmute everyone’s microphones in some segments during J333 online?

This practice of praying out loud and affirming each other is similar to how we pray at onsite J333 meetings. However, you are free to mute yourself or turn down your device volume during these spontaneous segments if you prefer. Either way, a church that prays together stays together.


这种大声祷告和彼此认同的做法类似于现场 J333 祷告会的方式。然而,您也可以在这时段自发选择关闭麦克风或降低音量。无论哪种方式,祷告的教会是合一的教会。

When does Online J333 take place?

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and alternate Saturdays at 8pm on



Where can I access the online J333 meeting room?

You can access the online J333 meeting room here:

Due to security reasons, password for the meeting room would be changed every 7 days. You would be informed of the new password through your regional leaders and/or pastors every Sunday.

在哪里可以进入在线 J333 平台?

您可以在此处进入在线 J333 平台:


Where can I submit my prayer request online?

You can do so here:

Feel free to submit intercession requests as well. However, do take note to protect the identity of third parties.





Can I choose to keep my submissions confidential?

Yes, you can! Please select the confidential option in the submission form. A pastor would get in touch with you to pray with you over the phone.